The exhibition „District 9“ shows lenticular images, which allow you to experience
areas such as landscapes, form, space, atmosphere, graphic structures all in
computer generated 3D Images. (The three dimensional impression is produced
using optical ton lenses. This illusion can be seen without 3D glasses however only
in the original exhibition, as you cannot reproduce this illusion on photographs or on
Floating, fluctuating shapes emerge on real or imaginated backgrounds. These
creations are based on virtual wireframe models that serve as containers and
projection surfaces for graphical trails, drawings and textures.The image morphs
according to the viewer’s position, providing an ever-changing experience.
Stereoscopic depth-perception allows the image to ‘interact’ with the user.
Districts are artificially defined areas to separate people, function, ecological and
economical systems and ways of life from each other. The floating artefacts are
potentially able to appear everywhere and can therefore develop a virtual bridge
connecting people’s ideas and future possibilities.